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2nd February 2016

Upgrade works continues. Apologies for the delay. Most of the work is around increasing security and data encryption levels. Also digital signing of the game apps to remove unwanted warning messages when installing in the latest versions of Windows and OSX.

28th January 2016

Progress on relocating and upgrading the HexWar.Net web site continues. Apologies for the delay but this is not a simple task.

27th January 2016

The website is currently being updated and tests executed. Players will be unable to log-in or play on-line games while this work is in progress.

26th January 2016

The HexWar.Net service has not functioned since the 3rd January.  A major upgrade of the service is underway to rectify the issue and normal service will be resumed by the end of the week.

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Gaming via HexWar.net

HexWar.Net is the home of one of the most exciting developments in wargaming.  HexWar Games Ltd., in the UK, has worked with Decision Games, in the USA, to bring back the glory of those old SPI days.  We develop a mix of recent games from Decision Games and classic Simulations Publications (SPI) games and make them available for on-line play.

HexWar games are complete computer simulations.  You no longer need the board game or the rules.  The game system knows all the rules and provides an excellent interface to make it easy for you to play the game.

Best of all HexWar is among the best wargaming communities on the web.  There are always hundreds of other players waiting to play you.  Log onto HexWar.Net now and issue a challenge to someone to play now.

Via HexWar you play at your pace, when you want and where you want.  The HexWar Game Launcher managers all your game turns and you can always watch a replay of the last player turn of a game you have not played for a while.

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