Indian Twilight, October 5, 1813

Screenshot of a game of Thames in progress.

Climactic battle of the War of 1812 in the Northwest. Also known as Moraviantown, it signified the end of British and Indian influence in the Great Lakes frontier. Following victories at Detroit and River Raisin, the British and Indian allies commanded by Henry Procter and Tecumseh, frustrated efforts by William Henry Harrison to regain U.S. control of the region. The key to American success was control of Lake Erie, which was achieved by Oliver Hazard Perry on 10 September 1813. Harrison then began his offensive to recapture Detroit and invade Canada.

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Number of Hexes: 200
Number of Units: 23
Number of Game Turns: 7
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All players can complete the first two turns in Hot Seat mode. Only members can complete the whole game in hot-seat mode or against other HexWar members
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