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24st April 2017

Following a hack attack on the HexWar server over the week-end we took the decision to restore the server to a secure backup from the 21st April.

31st December 2016

Fixed a long standing issue with the 'HexWar.Net Client' download links working on and off an erratically.

17th April 2016

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17th April 2016

A fix was posted today that prevented some completed game turns from uploading to the server.

3rd March 2016

Update for Windows XP users.

2nd March 2016

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26th February 2016

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The Desperate Defence, December 1944

Screenshot of a game of Bastogne in progress.

The Siege of Bastogne is a battalion level simulation of the battles that took place in December 1944 near the town of Bastogne in southern Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge (the German Ardennes Offensive). The battle was divided into two distinct phases, and a scenario is provided that covers each phase as a self-contained game. Also included is a Campaign Game that allows the Players to re-fight the series of engagements as a single, continuous game. The first Scenario, Spearhead, treats the period from December 18-24, 1944. It presents the phase pf the battle when the spearhead of the German 5th Panzer Army first approached the vital road and communication centre at Bastogne. The second Scenario, the Relief of Bastogne, depicts the situation of December 21-26, the period of Patton's drive up from the south to relieve the siege of Bastogne and open a supply line to the defenders. Each Game-Turn represents one-half day of actual time, and the scale of the map is approximately 850 meters per hex.

To play this game

Number of Hexes
Number of Units
Number of Game Turns
Exclusive Rules
Designer's Notes
Player's Notes
Terrain Effects Chart
Combat Results Table
Unit Images
Bastogne Game Map
Hot Seat Mode
All players can complete the first two turns in Hot Seat mode. Only members can complete the whole game in hot-seat mode or against other HexWar members
Microsoft Windows Windows
Technical Note
If you see the error message 'Runtime error 5' while playing this game, please ignore it as it is harmless.
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