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24st April 2017

Following a hack attack on the HexWar server over the week-end we took the decision to restore the server to a secure backup from the 21st April.

31st December 2016

Fixed a long standing issue with the 'HexWar.Net Client' download links working on and off an erratically.

17th April 2016

Get the latest news from HexWar.

17th April 2016

A fix was posted today that prevented some completed game turns from uploading to the server.

3rd March 2016

Update for Windows XP users.

2nd March 2016

More news about Hexwar.Net.

26th February 2016

Get the latest news on the Hexwar Service status.



Screenshot of one of the WestWall games in progress.

The WestWall game system is an operational simulation of the battles on the frontiers of the Reich in 1944-45. Each game in the system represents a clash between the German Army and the American and British Armies, which had pursued it across France to the barrier of the WestWall fortifications. The Playing Pieces represent the actual units which participated in the battles and the maps represent the actual terrain over which those unit fought.

September 1944 Arnhem
December 1944 Bastogne
The PC game interface
Common Rules
Unit Symbols
Unit Types
Zone of Control
Advance After Combat Example
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