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17th April 2016

Get the latest news from HexWar.

17th April 2016

A fix was posted today that prevented some completed game turns from uploading to the server.

3rd March 2016

Update for Windows XP users.

2nd March 2016

More news about Hexwar.Net.

26th February 2016

Get the latest news on the Hexwar Service status.

HexWar Status 26th February 2016


Apologies to all for the extended down time but it will be worth the wait.  The HexWar games service is back up and running and we have credited everyone whose membership was interrupted.


The HexWar Service is live again but with a slightly reduced number of games.

What happened!

At the beginning of January 2016, due to an administrative error at Decision Games, the web site went off line.  At the time 'Decision Games' and 'HexWar Games Ltd.' had been discussing returning the service to the ownership of 'HexWar'.  We all agreed the best solution was to accelerate that move.

What have we done to the web site?

Over the past few weeks we have moved servers, upgrading the server performance significantly.  We also upgraded the SQL Server software and increased the level of encryption.  Linked to this we reviewed all the data that has been collected and reduced it considerably.

How about the games?

They all look the save but we actually rebuilt and digitally signed all of them.

Games currently unavailable!

The 'West Wall'. 'North Africa' and 'Twilights Last Gleaming' games are still unavailable.  They were originally made with some relatively old software and it has been a challenge to digitally sign those apps.  Our intention is to restore them to the service over the following week.

More Games For Apple Mac!

'West Wall', 'North Africa' and 'Twilights Last Gleaming' have never previously been available to Apple Mac users and we hope to add them to HexWar for Apple Mac users over the next few weeks.

New Games!

'Road to Richmond' is in an advanced stage of development as is 'Drive on Kursk'.  Once all the games have been restored to the service the intention is to add a Beta test version of 'Road to Richmond', with a goal of the final version being available at the end of March 2016.

Apple iPad

We are just a few weeks away from a planned Beta test of 'Saipan' for Apple iPad with an A.I. opponent.  If this project goes well we hope to be able to upgrade all the games to work on Apple iPad.


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